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Software Technologies : SP-MOD

Evaluate rock quality and calculate formation water resistivity
The Spontaneous Potential log is one of the most valuable formation evaluation measurements ever recorded. However, SP logs have fallen out of favor because of difficult-to-correct environmental effects and poor vertical resolution, compared to other modern measurements.

Most of the wells in your database have SP information that can be used effectively to determine both reservoir quality and reservoir fluid composition. PST’s SP-MOD uses advanced forward and inverse modeling to correct the SP for these environmental effects at a significantly improved one-half meter vertical resolution.

Using an existing SP and resistivity log, the operator inputs the mud resistivity and bit size information into the application. Using this data, SP-Mod generates a corrected SP that can be used to accurately calculate formation water resistivity, even in hydrocarbon-bearing zones that do not produce formation water samples.

SP-MOD Screen CaptureIf some measured permeability data is available, the corrected SP can also be used to predict permeability. Even when using old and mixed-vintage log suites, Sp-Mod enables accurate reservoir characterization and high-resolution geologic correlation.

Extremely fast, Sp-Mod’s automated program can process 100 feet of SP log in approximately 10 seconds. The SP log from an entire well can be processed at once, or you can select to batch process multiple wells and intervals.

"By applying Rt-Mod and SP-Mod to my newly-discovered reservoir, I was able to book 15% more reserves while saving more than 40% on development logging costs."

Reservoir Engineer,
Independent Oil Company