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Software Technologies : Rt-Mod

The first step in any reservoir evaluation
Rt-Mod’s automated inversion modeling for resistivity logs produces more accurate values for Rt and Rxo at one-half meter resolution for most logs. It corrects for the effects of thin beds, bed shoulders, invasion, borehole conductivity, washouts, and dipping beds.

Old oil rigsEven if your wells were logged in 1935, Rt-Mod corrects for the asymmetric tool response that results in “shadow” or “dead” zones, and produces high-resolution, on-depth, modern-equivalent log responses. This application corrects for more types of resistivity tools than any other application available today.


Rt-Mod will correct for most asymmetric tools, including:

  • Electrical Survey logs
  • Russian and Chinese BKZ logs
  • Russian Induction logs
  • Western 6ff40 induction logs
  • Limestone Lateral logs
  • Dual Laterolog
  • MWD logs
  • Array Induction logs

Additional correction for other tool types can be added based on customer requirements.

The Rt-MOD application is easy to use and runs on most standard PC computers. Extremely fast, Rt-MOD can process 100 feet of western induction log in less than 10 seconds and runs in batch mode to accommodate large intervals and multi-well projects.Rt-Mod Screen Capture

Simply enter deep and shallow resistivity curves, bit size, mud resistivity, and the depth intervals to be processed. The output is a corrected resistivity log showing accurate values for Rt and Rxo.

Rt-MOD standardizes reservoir characterization between wells when using various resistivity log types. It enables a more accurate estimation of reserves and significantly enhances your ability to identify potential bypassed pay zones, especially in thin-bedded reservoirs.

"Rt-MOD converted old resistivity logs quickly and produced excellent results, equivalent to or better than those obtained from modern resistivity measurements."

Steven M. Goolsby
President, Goolsby Brothers and Associates
PhD. Candidate, Colorado School of Mines