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Software Technologies : Overview

Petroleum Software Technologies is the leading provider of software solutions for exploration and production professionals who need to extract critical details from digital log data. There are three key applications that make up PST’s suite of products.

Software Technologies

Rt-MOD: A forward modeling and high-speed inversion process that environmentally corrects resistivity logs, providing accurate values for true formation resistivity and resistivity of the invaded zone at 1/2 meter vertical resolution.

SP-MOD: Another forward modeling and inversion process designed to remove the effects of resistivity and thin beds, and yields corrected values for SP at a vertical resolution of .5 meters.

NNLAP: An advanced neural network technology that generates validated wireline logs, core properties, and production data, based on existing data, when recorded data is unavailable or of poor quality.

Independently, Rt-Mod, SP-Mod, and NNLAP will add value to your E&P decisions; however, when used together, they are even more powerful.