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PST Solutions: Overview

Three key applications make up PST’s suite of products:

  • Rt-MOD provides the most accurate values obtainable for Rt and Rxo at one-half meter vertical resolution.
  • SP-MOD provides the most accurate values obtainable for SP at one-half meter vertical resolution.
  • NNLAP applies advanced neural network technology to generate validated wireline logs, core properties, and production data based on existing data. NNLAP-generated logs will fill in gaps caused by incomplete or poor-quality data.

Group of geologist looking at maps.Individually, each PST software product will add value to your E&P decisions. However, when used together they are even more powerful. Imagine the benefits of working with a complete set of fully edited, normalized data on all the wells within a study area and having the ability to tie well data from all ages into accurate production data.

To maintain a competitive edge, an oil and gas company needs the ability to accurately estimate reserves, identify bypassed pay zones, and tie log data to seismic, core, and production data. PST’s solutions give your company that competitive edge by generating accurate control data using current and legacy log data.