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In 1997, Petroleum Software Technologies developed new technologies and applications that revolutionize the way the oil and gas industry uses digital log, core, and production data.

Geologist looking at PST SoftwarePST’s unique applications, Rt-MOD, SP-MOD, and NNLAP, use real-world data to improve the accuracy and vertical resolution of both resistivity and SP logs, and to generate synthetic data when current information is of poor quality or non-existent.


Today, more than 70 companies worldwide use PST’s software to:

  • Calculate reserves more precisely
  • Locate bypassed pay zones
  • Tie log data to seismic data
  • Reduce logging costs by as much as 40%
  • Design cost-effective fracture stimulation and completion projects
  • Evaluate property divestitures and acquisitions accurately

PST’s suite of applications extracts critical details from log data and generates a full set of modern-equivalent, completely edited logs, including porosity, permeability, and velocity control, for most wells within a study area. Our technologies can be applied to any logs, whether your wells were logged in 1935 or last week.